Even though we record from a beer closet in Canada, we still enjoy a little Black Friday shopping. Despite the urge to punch anyone that says Christmas is around the corner, they’re not exactly wrong. So we at Beer League talk did you a massive favour and rounded up our favourite gift picks for any hockey player out there. Pretty much we are saying if you’re not going to buy these for your family, you should buy them and send them to us for Christmas:


Full disclosure, some of these are affiliate links. If you click on them to do your shopping, it doesn’t cost you anything extra but the podcast will get a little bit to help us keep producing our show. Thanks for your support and Merry Puckin’ Christmas!

Nick’s Picks

Smelling Salts
When you need a quick pick-me-up on the bench there’s nothing better – not even a cheeseburger (if you can even believe we’re saying that). You see the pros use these bad boys all the time, so we can only assume one sniff and you’ll be firing shots with laser accuracy and forechecking like you’re being chased by a pack of hungry wolves.
Buy 100 for cheap here (and be the hero of your team):

Kelly Hrudey – Calling the Shots: Ups, Downs and Rebounds
As the description says, “few people have had a better front row seat to hockey history than Kelly Hrudey.” Take an inside look at a career plenty would love to emulate. That’s right, there’s at least one goalie in the universe that Nick respects.
Get it here:
Sean Avery – Offside
While Nick may talk a big game on the ice, Sean Avery actually lived it. Holidays are the perfect time to sit back and read about a man who knows how to push everyone’s buttons.
Get it here:
DOUBLE BARREL INSULATION FOR YOUR BEER. I don’t know why we even have to tell you why this is awesome, but here’s a few more reasons. Slick shoulder strap with an attached koozie for ANOTHER BEER. Wearing your beer like a quiver of arrows is the hottest fashion statement of 2018, Beer League Talk said it here first folks. If you’re buying this as a gift, you better fill that baby with some damn good beer before wrapping.
Snag it while you can right here:

Elsa’s Footski
All we hear from users is how soft and cushy these socks are. They’re specifically designed for inside a hockey boot, but are great for any kind of winter work. Best of all, they’re designed by friend of the show Feef!
Pamper your feet here: http://bit.ly/2iLA2jp

Beer League Talk Swag
AS SEEN ON TV!! Get Nick’s hat in snapback or flexfit, or snag a BLT logo shirt & hoodie so everyone knows you’re a fan of the greatest hockey show in the woooooooooooorld.
Shut up and shop now:

Dani’s Picks

Table Top Air Hockey
You can’t go wrong with one of the classics. Who doesn’t like a rousing game of air hockey? This is one of Dani’s favourites for a first date – though they usually lose and then don’t call her again. Maybe she needs a new date idea.
Order here and practice for #DateDani2018:

RollerGard Skate Guards
We don’t even care these are “allegedly” meant for kids. 2018 will be the year of never having to walk anywhere in our skates. Hopefully we don’t have to deal with too many stairs.
Get these sweet wheels here:

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey
Start the kids off down the path to top-notch poop jokes with this soon-to-be classic story book. Plus, playing on a line with my own fart would be more productive than playing with Nick.
Learn how to deke like a fart here:

Hockey Equipment Dryer Rack
You stink, hang up your gear to dry. But learn a lesson from my Phoenix teammate Mitch: Don’t bring this to your game. That is ridiculous. I don’t care if it’s a tournament, wear wet gear like a real hockey player.
Stop stinking so bad by ordering here:
Gear Halo
Ok, so I left my gear in the laundry room overnight because it was too cold in my garage. I woke up to an unholy stench saturated into the air and attempting to creep under the door to the rest of my house. For the love of all that is good and pure, somebody please get me this for Christmas.
Stop the chemical warfare here:
Gearhalo.comUsed Code BLTPROMO. It gives $5.00 of your first order

April’s Picks

The Hockey Sweater

The Hockey Sweater is a time-honoured tale of the time a Canadian department store mortified a young child by sending him a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey instead of his beloved Rocket Richard Canadiens #9. Follow the story as the boy is ostracized by his friends and the mom who couldn’t care less.
Relive the boy’s childhood horror here:
Stickhandling Training Aid
The only players who don’t need this are the ones who already quit playing. If we had this when we were young, we woulda made the show. No question.
Dangles await, click here:

Slapshot Hockey Pasta
If pasta makes you fasta then this pasta will make you a damn dangling phenom. You can say you’re buying it for the kids and then hoover it yourself because what have they even done for you lately?
Start carb loading here:


Face it, hockey is hard on your feet. When you just need a little more support in your skates, this insole is the way to go. There’s a variety of fits to suit whatever messed up way your feet look.
Finally find relief here: