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The Packers had a bad year in 2018 but Aaron Rodgers didn’t. The guy threw for 4,442 yds (2nd most in his career) had 25 T-diddies with only a couple pickaroos. Rodgers’ rushing numbers were a bit down. He only had 2 rushing TDs but to be frank, he was running for his life all year on a bum knee. All in all, Rodgers was one of the top fantasy producing QB’s in the game in 2018.

But 2019 is gonna be different. My prediction is he isn’t a Top 5 QB fantasy statistically speaking. I can’t back up my prediction with facts or stats. I can only back it up with my superior knowledge of how team’s work. QB’s need to be respected as leaders by their team, especially by their O-linemen. I can tell you one thing without a shadow of a doubt. If your linemen don’t respect you, you’re gonna have one hell of a year.

Watching the Bucks play the Raptors I saw first-hand clear cut evidence that Rodgers’ linemen DO NOT respect him.



Let’s be honest here, after watching Rodgers chug beer, would you respect him? Get this QB a straw and let him sip some cider. Heed my advice, I know things. Don’t draft Aaron Rodgers until after you’ve picked your kicker.

You’re welcome for winning you your league.