Who isn’t a fan of 70’s movies and hockey puns? They go together like tilted visors and chipped teeth. These boys down in Florida would seem to agree. Playing out of Ellenton is a rag tag group of guys who just grabbed some shiny new hardware, and looked real good while doing so.

I can’t get over the stacked colors on these bad boys. Chris, team captain, tells me he took inspiration from the Irish flag for these tarps; “I saw a Bring Hockey Back jersey where they did a similar scheme – black and white – and I thought it would be cool in green and orange. Then I figured Irish flag. They added the shamrock, good touch.”

Chris (see below for team interview) tells me he named the team after the 1975 film with the same name. Which my sheltered little millennial ass had never seen. But I thank it for existing in order to give us these great jerseys.

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Happy Hookers


Hey Chris, my name is Jake and I’m a blogger for a beer league talk. I saw i pic of your team (congrats on the championship) and was wondering if i could ask you a couple questions about your guys jerseys and maybe feature it in a piece i’m writing. Thanks for your time. Cheers!

Where do you play? What level as well?


Ellenton Ice in Ellenton, Fl. I play C leagues & a few other leagues. One of my other teams is called the “PTNBL” which stands for Players to be named later


lol i love it. i played on a team one summer called the free agents. are the Happy Hookers the team at the C level?


Yeah… the team is cool. It was a rag tag team that we moved and shaked and finally found a good fit for


Are you guys a team year round? Or is it a summer fling?


Year round, this was probably season 4


Why the Happy hookers?


Hahah ummmm I was like 10-11 years old flipping through channels in the never ending quest of a sheltered kid to see a boob and I found a movie on TMC or somethingcalled “The Happy Hooker” I watched like an hour

So the guy that runs the rink took all the new guys from C and started a team and no one else had any interest in running the team so I ended up in charge  We were called the Ellenton Selects (that’s the default name anytime they start a team of misfits)  I was trying to come up with something funny and remembered the dumb movie

Jake: That’s a great story for the name of a team. Good on you for stepping up and running the team. Tell me more about the jerseys. How’d you come up with the colors and the design?

Chris: Irish flag, I’m not Irish hah

Jake: haha that was my next question

Chris: I saw a Bring Hockey Back Jersey where they did similar scheme black and white and I thought it would be cool in green and orange. Then I figured Irish flag, they added the shamrock, good touch

Jake: Awesome. I love what BHB does. I have a couple of their shirts. I think that’s everything i need. I think you posted a pic on twitter? Can I use the pic?

Chris: Yeah awesome

Jake: Great. Thank you for your time! good luck with your next season!