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Beer League Jersey Challenge
(Click Here to download the official Beer League Jersey Challenge Template)

Would your team play better if they looked good? We can’t help your skills but we can help you look awesome on the ice. Beer League Talk has teamed up with a couple beauty hockey companies to give you the chance to be the best looking team in your league. Join the #BeerLeagueJerseyChallenge and win a set of fully custom jerseys, worth $1500, from LAGA Sports¬†and Draft Tournament.

Winning new jerseys is easy

1. Download the Jersey Template

2. Design a KICK ASS Jersey

3. Submit your design

4. Share the contest with everyone. Let all your friends & teammates know to follow us on twitter.com to vote for your design

This year there will be way improve your odds of advancing. You can gain the edge by ensuring your teammates signup and post in the Beer League Talk Forum. . Brought to you by Laga Sports and Draft Tournament

(Click Here to download the official Beer League Jersey Challenge Template)


Bracket voting will be held on Twitter using a Like & R/T contest.

Jersey submissions will be added into a bracket format. Head to Head matches will be posted on twitter for a week.

Top 4 bracket winners will move on to special judges review. Each judge will rank their teams individually 1-6. Each 1 ranking is worth 6 points, 2 ranking is worth 5 points, 3 ranking is worth 4 points, 4 ranking is worth 3 points, 5 ranking is worth 2 points, and 6 ranking is worth 1 point. The team with the highest cumulative points wins a set of Laga Jerseys (14 total). If you need more than 14 you can buy extras through our jersey sponsorship program.

*This year we will have a bonus for team beat out during the bracket challenge. 2 eliminated teams will makes it to the special judges review. These 2 teams will be voted on by the BLT hosts and be based on team activity and participation in the Beer League Talk Forum

Dates: Jersey Submissions accepted until Feb 22 (Nick’s Birthday). Voting starts March 4th.

Any team that wins is eligible for a jersey sponsorship from Beer League Talk. Message us for details.

BLT reserves the right to change dates & rules at their discretion. BLT reserves the right to disqualify a team that is deemed to be cheating at their discretion. Cheating consists of “paying for votes” or using other forms of modded vote botting.