It’s no secret that pop culture and hockey jerseys go together like peanut butter and jelly… Or maybe this is a better reference

This photo has always made 6th grade @nickerjones laugh and may probably win jersey of the week eventually on the names alone. But not this week. “Not Tonight” (To be read in Herb Brooks’ voice from ‘Miracle’).

Tonight, one of the greatest ESPY skits ever created is immortalized. Every time this team takes the ice in Winnipeg, it’s in homage of the greatest hockey coach in the history of the game: Jules Winnfield.

When I saw the jerseys posted on Twitter of Eric Venn’s Inglewood Jacks, I just knew they’d be the BLT Beer League Jersey of the Week one day. The picture I saw was of the jersey boxed up. The full pic of this jersey is incredible.

Rules to play on this team are simple:

  1. Drop The Gloves
  2. Catch jersey
  3. Over the head



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