Beer League Talk’s  Jersey of the Week

by @beerleagueclay


This week, we have U-S-Eh. Sent in by Joshua Hepburn of San Jose, California. “The idea for the team name came from half the guys on the team being Canadian and the other half being Americans. We wanted something to represent us all.”

When asked about his favorite memory of playing for USEh, Joshua said “The best part of playing was that I got to play with my dad, he was on the team for a few years. I had a blast skating with him.” Another highlight of Joshua’s experience was an unexpected sub appearance:

“One weekend, a guy from the team asked if one of his old friends from his hometown could sub in our game. The guy told us his buddy was visiting from Montreal and he might be a bit older but still had some wheels. We’re in the locker room getting dressed when in walks Mark Napier of the Montreal Canadiens! He played with us that game and it was a honor to share the ice with such a legend!” Joshua said. How sweet that must have been! Thanks Joshua!

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