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Are You the Smelly Guy On The Team?

It’s not cute and definitely not funny. It might have been a badge of honor in high school hockey or junior hockey. Maybe even in college hockey. It shouldn’t be a thing in beer league. We are adults. We know how to do our laundry. We should be clean. I’m not saying you have to give your gear a soak after every week or even wash your jersey after every game. If you’re on a goal scoring streak, by all means keep that sweater out of the wash. But respect yourself and team and don’t let your gear become offensive. It’s not cool and petty unhealthy too.

Some of you are probably saying, “For $20 or $30 you can drop your gear off for an hour or a few days and they blast it with some spray” but isn’t that a hassle?  What if the boys pick up some ice that night and you don’t have your equipment? And let’s be honest don’t you sometimes feel like the 16 year old punk kid forgot to put your gear in the cleaning machine but told you he did anyway. If so, the Stink Genie is perfect for you!

Introducing the Stink Genie.

(Not so great of a name but does it make up in results what it lacks in name?)

What is the Stink Genie?

The Stink Genie is a DIY multi-purpose deodorizing/sanitizing unit that is a uniquely engineered, integrated UVC (ozone) system designed to dramatically reduce and control toxic compounds such as mold, mildew, fungus, formaldehyde, xylene gasses and all types of smoke along with infectious agents such as bacteria, influenza, hemolytic streptococci and many others.

The Stink Genie removes the source cause of odors, instead of just masking them like sprays and deodorizer.

Here are the tech specs:

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 11″ x 3.5″ x 3″
WEIGHT: 3.5 lbs


Ozone Output: 5g/hr
Coverage: Up to 1,000 Square Feet
Fan: 100 CFM
Lamp Volts/Watts: 27/10

Input Voltage: 120VAC ±10%

My experience

I set up my Pacific Rink hockey bag for optimal smelliness for the sole purpose of testing the Stink Genie (btw you can see our Pacific Rink review here). I am usually really diligent at cleaning my under gear and jerseys after a game but I left them in my bag for a week for this test. To say my bag smelled ripe is an understatement. I work in a hockey office and when I opened my bag prior to testing I got the whole “what died in your bag” comments.

The Stink Genie operation is pretty easy. You plug in the unit, stick it in the middle of your bag, click the on button, zip up your bag, and let it run for an hour.


At under a foot long and 4″ wide by 4” tall this is the most portable unit you’re going to find. Easy to handle and store. This makes it the perfect hockey gear cleaning unit if you live in a condo or apartment where space is at a premium.


So does it work?

The answer is three fold. Yes, no, and needs more testing

Yes – it did remove the hockey smell from my bag

No – It didn’t smell like a fresh spring day the website referenced

Needs more testing – I did set this up to be a bad scenario by leaving wet sweaty hockey under clothes in my back for at least a week. If I did my normal routine of removing my wet unders after the game to wash I’m betting the results would probably have been dramatically different.



Expensive? Yeah it’s moderately expensive but it’s less than using the rink’s Ozone machine 8 times and saves you the time and hassle of going to the rink to drop it off and pick it up.

Should I buy it?

If you don’t want to the smelly teammate and you can afford it then YES you should buy it. It’s reasonably expensive, although way cheaper than other Ozone cleaning alternatives. If you’re already getting your equipment cleaned at an Ozone place at a rink or pro shop then this is a no-brainer.

Where can I buy it?

HERE and for a limited time you even get free shipping!

Want to win one for free?

All you have to do to have a chance to win a free unit is read this review and tag your smelly hockey teammates in the review on our social media posts about it.