In my last blog on BLT, I took Marchand to task for something he did that honestly I’ve forgotten about already. I think my basic premise was that Brad will always be Brad, but sometimes it can hurt the Bruins and that’s when Bad Brad is not so Rad.



I was wrong. Totally and completely wrong. And doubting Brad is something I will never do again.

In fact – in light of recent events, and in reviewing his entire career, I can say without hyperbole or doubt that Brad Marchand has officially elevated himself to the greatest troll in NHL history.

His most recent “incident” occurred Sunday afternoon (ON MOTHERS DAY!). During a relatively innocuous breakout, Marchand and Canes forward Justin Williams got a bit tangled up.



Some would say that was a high stick on Marchand. Maybe. Williams certainly didn’t help the issue by grabbing Brad’s stick, but no doubt – the stick was high.

What happened next is what elevated this situation to a masterclass in trolling. Not only did Williams take a penalty for retaliation (which the Bruins scored on, natch), but he also threw some mighty (C)hirps WIlliams’ way.



Williams admitted after the game that Marchand got into his head, saying “I need to be better” and then he made some weird analogy about a poop sandwich. Yikes.

What Marchand has done this playoffs is no less than the greatest example of playing on the line, and causing the other team to go over it. I don’t need to go through all of the incidents, but I’m sure if you click over to HFBoards (legitimately the most garbage site on the internet) there’s about 8,000 threads of salty garbage Toronto fans (redundant) cataloging them.



In a league that has produced such luminaries as Ken Linseman, Sean Avery, Claude Lemieux, Patrick Kaleta, Esa Tikkanen, Bryan Marchment, and Matt Barnaby (to name a few), Brad Marchand stands above them all (figuratively). Opposing teams hate him. Opposing fans hate him. Even bloggers that are fans of him sometimes lose faith.

Shit, even Sean Avery tried to chirp Marchand. (Sidebar, Sean Avery is a fucking pigeon. Stick to fashion, Avery.)

He does this all while being an elite offensive talent, a shutdown defensive forward, and a proven ™ playoff performer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brad Marchand is the greatest NHL troll of all time, and you are lucky enough to be born in this era to bear witness. Enjoy what you’re seeing now, because it’s only a matter  of time before some loser Leafs fan tries to run him over like Shooter McGavin had done to Happy Gilmore.