Building the Greatest Beer League Team of All Time:

Players you need on your team


Beer League Talk wants you to have awesome hockey seasons. We know there is a formula for building the greatest beer league hockey team of all time. Building that team doesn’t necessarily mean you are your league’s new dynasty, and it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be classified as ter team. But, if you follow this advice, you will improve your beer league hockey EXPERIENCE ten-fold, because let’s face it, beer league isn’t all about winning. Let’s start off our team building playbook with the Top 5 guys you have to have on your beer league hockey team.


5. The “Always Pays First” Guy

Team GMs this is the holy grail of all beer league players. You’re lucky to have guys who pay before the first game starts. “Always Pays First” guys might not be the best players on the team but you know that as soon as you request money for league fees, jerseys, or anything else you will have a message from this guy saying “money sent”. Like we said, these guys are rare but think of how easy your team would be to manage if you had 15 “Always Pays First” guys.


4. The “Always has Extra Everything” Guy

How many times have you shown up to a rink and forgot tape? How many times have you forgotten to sharpen your skates? How many times have you lost a visor screw and panicked because your league requires visors to play? If you find a “Always Has Extra Everything” guy your problems are solved. This guy takes pride in knowing that he isn’t only helping his team because of his sick set ups or his amazing defensive prowess. He relishes the fact that he’s able to put up apples in places other than the ice. Need an extra sock because you left yours at home? Always Has Extra Guy has 2 extras just in case. Need a stone to help get your skates through a game? Always Has Extra Guy will probably sharpen them up for ya. Need tape? Always Has Extra Guy has you covered.


  3. The “Plays Any Position” Guy   Face it, there is usually only 1 thing on a beer league player’s mind…. that’s sniping goals and pulling out crazy ass cellys. We love scoring, you love scoring, everyone loves scoring! Unfortunately you can’t build the ultimate beer league team in the world with 15 forwards who stand around in the neutral zone waiting for a breakout pass. You need a guy (or 3) that might back check for most of the game. A guy that doesn’t mind having to play D every now and again. A guy that when a goalie is sick, gets in a car wreck, or just plain oversleeps, will step up and strap on those pads because he loves his team that much. Some would argue that “Plays Any Position” Guy is the heart and soul of the team. We can’t argue that but we don’t think he’s number one on our list. If you are “Plays Any Position” Guy and need to pick up a few things to make sure you’re always covered check out the largest online hockey retailer in the world. The guys at Pure Hockey will make sure you have what you need to make your beer league teammates love you even more. Visit them by clicking: Pure Hockey  


2. The “Goalie Who Always Shows Up” Guy

We all know that goalies and referees are a necessary evil in Beer League. Yes, goalies can be weird but it balances out. You put up with them being weird and they show up so you can play a weekly beer league game. In all seriousness, goalies put up with a lot of crap from players. Each game they likely see at least 4 breakaways, multiple 2 on 1’s, and countless giveaways to opposing snipers in the slot. Finding a goalie that always shows up and doesn’t threaten to kill every d-guy on the team each game is critical to becoming the ultimate beer league team. There is only 1 thing that’s more important than “Goalie Who Always Shows Up” Guy.


1. The “Always Brings Beer” Guy

Does anything need to be said about this guy? This guy is a cornerstone of the team. He loves hockey, he loves his team, and he shows his appreciation by bringing the adult league nectar of the gods…. Beer!  

Now you have a list of players to add to create the greatest beer league team of all time. It’s time to go out and fill your roster. Next week we will have a list of players that you should consider getting rid of. There’s a long list of common excuses that these players use. You can see those excuses here: Most Common Beer League Excuses While you’re here check out our podcast! It’s all about the life and problems of beer league hockey players. Shoot us a tweet @beerleaguetalk and let us know how your beer league season is going!

Do any of these players describe you our your teammates? Is your team captain needing to find a few of these guys? Share this with them so you can help build the greatest beer league hockey team of all time.