In case you haven’t heard Team Canada lost their World Junior Hockey Championship game tonight to Finland. It’s kind of a big deal because Team Canada looked really strong. This loss to Finland means Canada doesn’t have a chance to medal on home soil. Its heartbreaking, really. As a Flames fan I’m used to heartbreak so I really feel for Team Canada fans.


The way the loss happened was particularly bad. Finland tied the game late with their goalie pulled and then ended up winning in OT after a Team Canada broken stick and a failed penalty shot by Maxime Comtois.




Here’s the deal… These are kids. At most 20 year olds. Think of all the times you messed up when you were 20. I bet none of those times you were carrying the weight of the nation’s hockey hopes on your shoulders nor having 20,000 people in an arena watching you play a game. As bad as a loss as this was, it’s just a game. 

I lost a lot of respect for a lot of Canadians tonight. Canadians proclaim their superiority in politeness and niceness to any American they meet. SOORRREY Canadians you lost the niceness title tonight. Just look at these un-polite and mean responses Canadians sent to their 20 year told Team Canada captain’s Instagram page tonight.



Just sickening Canada. It’s gonna be a long year til you get to challenge the USA for WJHC gold medal and most polite people in the world. See ya in 2020!