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Pink Whitneys have been sweeping the hockey world ever since the crew over at Spittin’ Chiclets brought them up. Pink Whitneys are pink lemonade and vodka. New Amsterdam Vodka to be exact. New Amsterdam Vodka are no dummies and realized they had a gold mine on their hands. They started producing the drink this past month. I’m a huge proponent of the mantra “Real Men Drink Fruity Drinks” but I’m drawing the line at Pink Lemonade.

Besides as the real athletes us beer leaguers are, we should be drinking performance enhancing alcoholic beverages. Pink Whitneys aren’t it. If you’re not gonna do your body a favor while playing hockey and drinking my patented drink – Purple Nickys (the opposite of Pink Whitneys. Purple pedialyte and the cheapest vodka you can find. Gets ya drunk, its nice to your wallet, makes ya play hockey real ‘gud’, and keeps ya hydrated you’re welcome) then you should be drinking these:

Ed Belfour’s Belfour Whiskey

Yes, that Ed Belfour.



Ed found out his family used to be moonshiners and decided to create his own spirits company to honor that history. Ed likens this new venture to a hockey team. “I took my professional hockey career very seriously and approached every day to be better than the last. I am taking this same mindset and approach with our spirits company. This team is our new locker room, and it’s exhilarating again.” says Belfour.

At BLT we don’t know a ton about Whiskey but we do know it takes more than a couple years to age. That doesn’t bother Ed Belfour. I mean this is Stanley Cup Champion and 484 win goaltender Ed Fucking Belfour we are talking about. He’s got ice in his veins and it shows. He is taking the lessons from hockey into this business. “I got sent to the minors my first year pro with the Chicago Blackhawks and of course I didn’t want to be in the minors,” Ed says. “I look back on that — I spent three years in the minors — that was my development time, that was my time to mature, to learn the game. And I like to look at our business like that, too.” – Dallas Morning News

I’m not gonna waste my time on some kind of scrub pink lemonade fruity drink. I’m going with the a real hockey player spirit. Belfour Whiskey. If you’re not a fucking grocery stick I suggest you give it a try too.