Goals Beer Leaguers Think They Can Score But Can’t

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Us beer leaguers are good at a lot of things. Unfortunately, in most of our cases hockey isn’t one of them. It’s ok, you’re still pretty. In our first edition of GBLTTCSBC  – (Goals Beer Leaguers Think They Can Score But Can’t) Vinny the Motor Trocheck flies past the Edmonton Oiler’s defense and then puts the Wiggle on whatever timbit calibre goalie the Oilers had in net. It was beautiful! Should we be docking beauty points since he did only beat an Edmonton team consisting McDavid, the other 8 million dollar forward, and a bunch of glorified beer leaguers? Well maybe but this is still a beaut. ( So what if it was on the PP)


What people are saying:


(Trigger Warning – Typical Oiler fans who don’t realize McJesus gets calls like this all the time)