Goals Beer Leaguers Think They Can Score But Can’t – 4 – Olympic Gold Medal Edition 

by @Nickerjones



Every beer leaguer has been on the ice, on their drive way, or in their garage and played out this exact scenario… Championship game, it’s down to the shoot-out and you’re the one standing at center ice next to shoot. We know that in your mind this move, pulled of by USA’s Jocelyne Lamoureux, is the exact move you’d go with. You really think you could nail this don’t you? You’re wrong …. but it’d sure be a lot cooler if you could.  (please read that last part in Matthew McConaghey’s voice)

With out further ado… 



Maybe … just maybe there’s a chance you could pull this off. If you can nail this move, send us a video of you trying it. We will post it, give you mad props, and maybe send a picture of the Beer League Talk crew giving you a thumbs up! You can even give it try with no goalie… we are still betting 99% of our listeners/readers will lose the puck or fall down. 

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