Two of the best teams in the NHL squared off last night in one of the most exciting games I can remember. The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Calgary Flames were back and forth all night. The Flames got an early lead, and were up 3-1 after one period. The Lightning stormed back and tied it up in the middle period, and then went up 1 goal with four minutes left. Then the comeback Flames tied it with 2 minutes left and it holds until OT.



Overtime! 3 on 3 hockey for 5 minutes and possibly the most exciting gameplay in pro sports. This one did not disappoint. Lighting goalie, Louis Domingue, was almost super human stopping all sorts of Flames barrages. Flames netminder, David Rittich, was not too shabby himself. This is the excitement hockey fans want! The overtime play was basically two heavyweight boxers standing in the middle of the ring just tossing haymakers. Some real Rocky vs Ivan Drago round 15 level excitement.



So what happens after the most exciting 5 minutes of hockey that any NHL fan has watched this season? The NHL has deemed it appropriate to determine the outcome of pro level hockey games with some backyard hockey rink BULLSHIT! This tweet basically sums everything up



Can you imagine if any other major North American pro league decided to use such a ridiculous way to end games?

NBA- Game is tied after OT. Let’s go full on dunk contest and let the referees judge. Sounds stupid right? Well it’s basically the same thing in the NHL.

MLB- Send your best long baller to the plate and let’s go Home Run Derby. You get 10 “outs” and which ever hitter cranks the most mammos wins the game for his whole team that just battled 9 innings together. Yeah that sounds stupid too. Pattern developing?

NFL? Line up each kicker at the 10yd line to kick field goals. Each time they make one they drop back 10 yds. Go until one kicker misses and one doesn’t. Hell you can even let ’em kick off the tee after they nail the 70 yarders. Better than the other two but still dumb.


The NHL needs to wise up and go OT until the game is decided. Hell, even go 10 minutes of OT and then call it a tie if that can’t end things!

Maybe I’m just overreacting, but what do you think the NHL should do? Is the shootout the best thing for the game, or do you hate it as much as I do? Let us know in the comments!