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I’ve done some stupid things in my life. I mean really really really stupid. But today I might have done the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.



Think about the dumbest thing you’ve ever done and then double it. That’s what I just did. 

Let me lay out my stupid act for you. I’m dick deep in this #19in2019 thing. I’m trying to make and play in 19 beer league tournaments in 2019. Aggressive I know but I’ve always been one to shoot my shot. This weekend will my 6th tourney and it is in Las Vegas.

For those counting at home 

  1. PHT in Fort Lauderdale w/ TEAM BLT
  2. FTD 3 on 3 w/ TEAM BLT 
  3. Anaheim Ducks Throwback Classic w/ TEAM BLT
  4. Lake Louise Outdoor Classic w/ TEAM BLT
  5. Boston Draft Tournament 

Nonetheless, I’m going about my business and packing for this incredible weekend in Vegas. Booze, Bros, & Beer League Puck… Are you doing anything cooler this weekend? Probably not.  I pack my hockey bags and clothes before my wife takes me to airport (she’s a gem eh?). I get to the airport and something is terribly wrong. 

You see, we have two vehicles. First world problems I know. I packed my hockey bag and clothes in one of them but I packed my hockey sticks in the other. So here I am sitting at the airport about to board a flight to Vegas to play in a hockey tourney with no sticks. Some of you will say this won’t change my game in any way… to you I say FUCK OFF. 

(PS did you see the pic of me using that stick at the top of the blog?)

I usually don’t like to write stories without endings but I just don’t know how this tale will play out.

  • Will I find some random sticks to use at the rink?
  • Will someone lend me a few?
  • Will I have to buy a $300 sticks that isn’t my curve or flex?
  • Will I turn to tricking in sin city to get some sticks? 

Stay tuned with Nicky No-Sticks to find out.