If ya haven’t heard…John Tortorella is not pleased with Jack Johnson’s and Jim Rutherford’s comments during their introductory press conference in Pittsburgh.

Here’s a brief summary of what happened:

Johnson said: “I’ve been looking to be in a winning culture.”

Rutherford said: “He was a healthy scratch at the end of the season. I know the reason why. It wasn’t because of how he was playing.”

Torts said: (about Johnson) “All I know is, this organization, from the lawyers, the front office, (president of hockey operations John Davidson), the managers, the coaches, players … has done nothing but try to help Jack, and for him to backhand slap us like this is utter bullshit, and he should know better.”

(about Johnson and Rutherford) “No one wishes anything bad to happen to him and his family. We wish him the best. But for him to put it the way he put it today is bullshit. And to have a general manager question our decision-making from three hours away, he must be a fucking magician.”

(about Johnson) “(Johnson) doesn’t have enough balls to call me back, because I’ve tried to get in touch with him, you don’t shit on an organization that’s done nothing but try to help you. We all know Jack has had some problems along the way here. It’s very well-chronicled. All we’ve done is try to fucking help him.”

(about Johnson and Rutherford) “The thing that pisses me off the most is a general manager in this league questioning and talking about our decision-making.  Shut the fuck up!”

“I don’t want to go to name-calling, because I know Jimmy. He’s a good man. They’re both good people. But what the fuck are they doing? Get on with your business! I hope (Johnson) plays his ass off for them, but stay the fuck out of our business when you don’t know what’s going on.”

This is…fucking amazing.

You could look at this a couple different ways.  You could be a Penguins fan and look at this little exchange as the only bright spot on the rusted out shitbox that this contract is (5 years at $3.25 million per for a 31 year old defenseman), or you could be the rest of the league and be laughing your ass off about what ever the fuck this is. Is this the 5th grade Rutherford, you cunt? If you know “why” fucking say it you little hoe.

Personally, I think Torts really is just aggro that someone is talking shit while Rutherford had to say something to deflect attention away from how shitty this move and contract is. OR maybe Rutherford’s right and there’s some fucked up reason Johnson was benched…like maybe he fucked Torts’ wife or something?  God, if something came out like that the circus that would ensue would sustain me for years.  The Penguins have had many reclamation projects go right for them over the years, but this one seems like a hard sell, plus they lucked into back to back cups…they can’t luck out on this contract, can they?

Either way, keep it up Penguins.  I’d love to see you miss the playoffs for 15 years and come to the brink of folding and just stay there forever…never actually fold, just suck the fan base dry of their money perpetually.



All quotes were pulled from this article on the Score by Cory Wilkins: https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1565600