United States Lacrosse is a giant on the world stage and they reinforced that with a gut check last 3 minutes to defeat Canada and become World Champions for the 10th time.

The US tied it at 8 when they scored with 2:59 left and Tom Schreiber buried a feed inside from Rob Pannell in the last second for the win.  That play sealed the United States’ 9-8 victory.

Of course the Canadians argued the game was over before the goal, but to no avail.


Damn, in the last second!  Incredible.  What a fuckin barn burner.  The Federation of International Lacrosse runs this tournament, like the Olympics, every 4 years and the top talent (even pros, granted pros still have full time jobs) gets to play.  This year the tournament was held in Netanya, Israel.

The United States and Canada are both in a league of their own when it comes to world play as the US has been in every championship game…ever, and Canada has been in 9 of 13.  Granted there were only 4 teams until 1990 (there were 5) but if you look at this year’s numbers (46 teams) the tournament has grown exponentially since the dawn of the millennium.

Lacrosse is an amazing sport that has a great mix of finesse and violent physical play. It’s gaining a lot of traction in the United States. I would bet it’s the next major sport and it should be. The game play is a lot like basketball, but not soft. Checking is allowed and you can stick check (arms and hands are fair game) opposing players as hard as you can as long as you don’t exceed a 90 degree angle on the back swing.  What’s not to love?  If you haven’t been watching lacrosse… Do it.