With the rise of craft beers at an all-time high in Canada, a new beer is being marketed to a different demographic: Athletes.

Score-ona beer is a small craft brewery with production in London, Ontario. The beer contains electrolytes, caffeine, amino acids, and other vasodilators, which are the same ingredients that are found in most workout supplements. It still maintains its beer taste though, with a light body and a clean finish.

Based on a study done at Ryerson University, Score-ona increases athletic performance by as much as fifty percent! And while you’re at your peak performance, you will also be feeling great too, as the beer still has 5% alcohol content.

“We wanted to create a beer that can be consumed while playing sports,” said Creed Bratton, Marketing Manager for Score-ona. “This is the perfect balance for recreational athletes because it improves performance, and makes the game more fun at the same time.”

The NCHL Draft Tournament is looking into a sponsorship agreement with Score-ona to help with its participants’ performance. Nick Fleehart of Beer League Talk, who helps run the tournaments, says “the beer is an excellent opportunity for players because they are going to be drinking the whole weekend anyways.”

The product has sold very well in Ontario so far in the first two months since launch. Score-ona can currently only be bought at a few locations in Alberta, but plans for expansion are in the works.