Yes you heard that right. Jalen Ramsey said that with 6 months of training, he could make the NHL.

I know the first question you’re going to ask and NO, he’s never skated before.

How asinine is this? I don’t think Jalen could make my beer league team with 60 months of training much less 6. I’m a prime physical beer league specimen and it’s taken me every bit of 7 years to get where I am today. How dare this guy belittle me in this way?

Ok but in all seriousness …… Maybe Jalen should be reminded of the time the greatest Arizonaa Cardinal wideout, Larry Fitzgerald, tried to do that hockey.


Well I guess now that I think about it… Larry Fitzgerald skates at about the same level as Milan Lucic. So…. maybe Jalen could get to the show. What do you think?