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Close your eyes and tell me… what’s the first thing you think about when you hear the word Jägermeister?

For me it’s college parties and puking all night because we made Jager Bombs with 29 different flavors of energy drinks. So I guess that’s exactly how I feel about most of the league’s ‘business choices” these days. Here’s another stupid move, the NHL has partnered up with the gross liquorice flavored mistake maker liquid to make Jägermeister to be the “Official Shot of the NHL”.

I get it. The NHL is trying to branch out and reach a new demographic. They are playing games in China. NHL teams in non-traditional markets are building hockey rinks and offering to teach kids hockey for free so they can build hockey players (fans to buy tickets).

I just don’t think Jägermeister is the right look.

What’s next? Jager Bombs in the party section during TV timeouts? I already have to deal with enough drunken adult idiots drinking heroin beer at the Saddledome in Calgary. I really don’t want to have to deal with drunk-off-Jager frat boy Oilers fans who weren’t even alive the last time the Oilers won a cup, bragging with slurred words about the 80’s and having McDavid.

The one good thing about this? If this marketing idea isn’t used well… The NHL is stupid. (If it is used please send royalties to me please)



… Ok, so Jagr is a bad idea but there could be some good that could come out of this? What other drink would you like to see be the “official shot” of the NHL or even your team? Here’s our idea for a couple team based “official shots”:

Boston Bruins

Too easy, Irish Car Bombs.

Calgary Flames

Duh, Fireball… Just like Fireball shots, being a Flames fans sounds like a lot of fun until you do it. Then you claim you’ll never do it again…. Until the next game.

San Jose Sharks

The Bazooka Joe. I bet you think it’s because of Joe Thornton… wrong. This shot, made with Baileys, Blue Curacao, and banana liqueur, is an ode to the Sharks’ lineup’s heavy artillery and Brent Burns’ childlike whimsy… And this is a shot straight out of the 90’s, so it is also a nod to how long Joe Thornton has been around. Ok, it was about Jumbo Joe.

Vancouver Canucks

Sex on the Beach but served in a cup rather than a shot glass. The shot is really soft like their game and serving it in the cup is probably the closest the team will get to getting one anytime soon.

Montreal Canadiens


For this one I had to ask one of my Habs fan friends. He rarely responds to me in English so I don’t usually understand him. Anyway, here is what he has to say: “Si t’est pas capable me l’demander en francais, va te trouver ton propre crisse de shot anglo a marde” ….. ?!?!? Sounds delicious.

Ottawa Senators

Beer League Talk’s Poop Shooter (½ Spiced Rum; ½ Kahlua). Because let’s face it Sens fans, your team is gonna be crap. You might as well be drunk

Edmonton Oilers

Mind Eraser (Vodka, Kahlua, 7-up) because let’s be honest… There’s probably not a fan that doesn’t want to forget about their last decade of… Can we even call it hockey at this point?

Basically Almost Every Other Team

Kick in the Crotch (Vodka, Blue Curacao, Cranberry Juice) because that’s what cheering for your team must feel like. Cheer for the Red Wings? Datsyuk bolts for Russia, Zetterberg being forced out… Feels like your team just kicked you in the crotch, right?  NY Islander fan? What did losing Tavares feel like? Yup! Rangers fans I bet your rebuild feels like a real quick in the nuts. Leafs fans? Aquire Tavares, get super excited!!! – Still have the worst D core in the league and lose in the first round of the playoffs: KICK IN THE CROTCH!

I could go on but you get the picture….

So what’s your team’s shot? Let us know in the comments!

And check out our NHL podcast, Post and Out while you’re at it. Episode 7 is hot off the press!