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If you haven’t heard that Erik Karlsson has been traded by now, then you’re probably not a hockey fan. This was the final piece of the puzzle for the Senators 2018 season strategy. This isn’t the first time the Sens have made headlines recently.

Once the trade sending Karlsson to the Sharks was complete, Gary Bettman confirmed that the Senators will be eligible to play in the AHL this year. “Basically their whole team is full of AHL’ers, or players no one has heard of anyway”, Bettman was overheard saying.

Personally I think this is a great move from G-M$NEY (That’s my nick name for Bettman. We Are BFFs).

But I do think relegating the team would have negative impacts on the league… There are already 29 teams definitely looking forward to their 3 day vacation every time they make the trip out to Eastern Canada to play the Habs and the Sens. Simply sending the Sens down to the AHL would really ruin these vacation trips for the teams that actually have NHL calibre talent.

I’m sure the Oilers are pretty irked with this move and will be very critical of Bettman’s decision here. Just think, if Bettman would have allowed the Oilers this same leeway, they might have 3 or 4 Calder cups in the last 12 years. Maybe they would have been able to put their City of Champions sign back up.

Anyway… Good Luck Sens! The Calder is yours for the taking.

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