Parros as useless as local beer league commissioner

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‪George Parros had a real chance to make a statement with Dustin Brown after going hard at Cogliano (who at the time had a Ironman streak that was extremely close to breaking and setting the record, instead he gave him 2 games for a soft hit and made a guy CRY, HE MADE ANDREW COGLIANO CRY YOU GUYS!!!!) but… instead shits all over the bed with this Fucking joke of a punishment. See the hit here:


1 Game. Not 2-3-4-5, 1….ONE…. How, how?   He Instead chooses to give a soft ban to an ex-team mate, further proving the NHL favoring the Kings and this cheap Bullshit Brown has done for years now and gone unpunished. And if you want proof I have plenty of videos I’ll be posting below. New guy, same old boys club.   What people are saying:




  What do you think about this suspension?