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Holy Shit! I stumbled on to a video and honestly started YouTubing its other league events. I’m hooked. I haven’t stopped watching for exactly 37 mins but the night is still young. Indoor Skydiving World Championships? INDOOR SKYDIVING! Absolutely insane.


2019 Indoor Skydiving World Championships from r/sports

I know I’m a pro hockey player but it’s not because I’m a skilled hockey player. It’s because I basically run hockey tournaments and I get paid to run them whilst also playing. However, I’ve been indoor skydiving and I was pretty damn good. I mean I didn’t try any of the tricks shown up there but I bet I could do them. Indoor skydiving is something we all can do…. except you fatties The weight limit is 230 lbs. Drop some lbs ¬†and then come join us in the tube!

Edit: looks like they have a special fatty package. We can all indoor skydive!