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It is no secret that sometimes (all the time) ┬ámy mouth runs uncontrollably during sporting events. I’ll chirp anyone. Refs, players, my teammates, the fans, even MY OWN FAMILY if needed. My chirp game isn’t great. I am a way more a quantity over quality guy but hey, we each have our own modus operandi. To be fair I’ve been chirped a ton too. 99% of them suck because most of you are horrible chirpers. I’ve even been chirped for hosting a podcast. I guess getting chirped is a part of running the mean streets of the ‘Chirp Game’. Don’t hate the playa hate the game right?

When I see quality chirps in the wild I can’t help but want to share them. This chirp is A+ quality but what’s more surprising is seeing the age of the chirper. It definitely helps ease my concern with the younger generation. WhenI see the youngsters hitting with chirps like these I know kids are gonna be alright. (probably)

(check out our resident chirper Justin and his chirp corner blog.)



Want backstory? I don’t really have it. The Calgary Flames hosted a charity bowling event. FLamesTV was asking kids about their bowling prowess and Adam hit us (and Scott Darling) with this bomb.