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A month ago I wrote a review on the Tovi – Sabotage hockey stick. You can see it here.

The short and long of the review is that I loved the stick. I feel like the perforated blade did end up making a difference in shot speed, puck control, and consistency of good shots coming off the blade. My opinion was that the proprietary grip they apply to the sticks was by far the most tangible positive difference noted, though the shot speed and consistency in quality shots was also noticable.

My original intent was to right a second review for their other offering, the Mirage. After using the sticks for about 3 months now, I don’t know that a review of the Mirage is actually necessary. I will say that there are differences between the two shafts – but the difference isn’t necessary in quality or in blade performance. Tovi says that the Mirage is similar in profile to the Bauer Vapor 1X, while the Sabotage is closer to the True 6.0. That rings pretty true to me.

What I plan on doing for this review instead is a 30 day follow-up. I’ve now been able to use both sticks pretty extensively and feel that I can speak a little more authoritatively on what Tovi has on (our?) their hands.

I Broke One of Them.

Ok, I feel like this should be put out there first. Last night I broke my Sabotage. I am devestated. I use True and like True, and as a result I tended to gravitate more towards this one during game use. The stick snapped in warm-ups, and based on my investigative abilities it looks like it snapped where the blade is fused to the shaft.

Fortunately I keep both sticks with me during games, so I was able to seamlessly transition to my Mirage and still score a pretty silky breakaway goal going bar-down on a quick shot.

The good news is, with Tovi’s 90 day warranty breaking my stick isn’t really an issue, as I’ve only had these sticks for about that long. I emailed the company with some pictures, and within a couple of hours I had a shipping label to send back my broken twig. Tovi said that as soon as they receive the broken stick, they’ll ship out my new one. It’s an efficient and hassel-free process. The stick snapping still pretty heartbreaking though, even with the solid return policy. I skate at most once or twice a week – so conservatively you can estimate I’ve gotten about 10-12 games out of this stick before it broke.

Also – my Mirage is not without its battle damage as well. After last nights game I noticed this..ding? Chip? On the end of the blade.

It’s not signficant, and it didn’t appear to impact my play at all – but it’s there and it’s worth mentioning.

Despite all this – I stil love the sticks.

I’ve used them enough and had enough success using them that I feel like they’ve positively impacted my play. I used the instructions on their website to re-activate the tack on the stick once I felt like it wasn’t as grippy as day 1 (get it wet, blow dry it warm) and there was a difference. Once they begin selling grip this process will get even better/more efficient.

All of the other positives I identified in my original review stand. These are good sticks. My hope is that the Sabotage breaking is just one of those things that will occasionally happen and not indictative of any sort of quality issue with the sticks. If you’ve picked one of these up (using our code: BeerLeagueTalk for 20% off!!) let us know what you’ve seen so far with your stick! Being such a new company, it would be great to get some additional feedback.