Hockey fans are all gouging their eye balls out after seeing this latest TSN Bardown post of logo mashups from rival NHL teams. Some of these logos are pretty awesome, but we know if you’re a fan of a certain team you wont agree. Here’s the deal: it’s one thing to post logos like this. It’s a completely different beast to actually create/wear jerseys like this. Well… WE DID.

Our Draft Tournament Crew – whom by the way create the best uniforms hockey has ever seen – recently did a BIZARRO NHL theme in Toronto. Before you view these photos we must give the #TriggerWarning message. If you’re easily triggered… well, don’t read.

1. Edmonton Flames

Well for Oiler fans this isn’t so bad right (coming from a Flames fan)? The orange is still disgusting, but maybe this change could help the Oilers not be the laughing stock of the league.


2. The Quebec Canadians

Quebec wants a new NHL team but I’m guessing the fine Nordique fans would likely pass on this monstrosity. All that storied history jammed into one jersey… I don’t think the fans could handle it.


3. The Quebec Canadiens

… Or could we spell this one the correct way? The Quebec Canadians? The jerseys are just ridiculous, but it gives me an idea. If the teams are basically mashups that means only half of the team is “Canadiens”, does this mean they could basically pay Carey Price half of his current salary to get him closer to what he is actually worth?



4. Toronto Senators

There is literally nothing in the world that you could do to make the situation worse for the Senators… except this jersey. Wearing this jersey likely means Senators fans start acting with the arrogance of Leaf fans. But hey, maybe then the Sens would give Karlsson the alleged “Stamkos” offer to stay. You know, 1 million dollar a year NHL Salary and 15 million a year in endorsement deals from Justin Trudeau?



5. The Ottawa Maple Leafs 

I can already hear the bitching from the Leaf fans here about this abomination. See, the problem with Leaf fans is they aren’t any fun. The only thing this jersey could do is help them. Wearing this jersey or wearing their current jerseys… still the same chance of winning the Cup next year: 0%.


6. Calgary Oilers



… So what do you think? Could you bring yourself to wear these? Let us know in the comments and be sure to share… If nothing else to trigger your Maple Leaf and Oiler fan friends HA!

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