Mike Hoffman was traded after Erik Karlsson and his Wife Melinda filed a “peace bond” against Monika Caryk, Hoffman’s long time girlfriend.

A peace bond is like the nicer, Canadian version of a restraining order.  Shit, “peace bond” even sounds nicer than “restraining order”.  Peace bond sounds like some sort of pleasant exchange of gifts between disagreeing parties to settle their differences, restraining order sounds like something a war criminal gives his subordinates to restrain you before shooting you in the face.

I digress.

The accusations against Caryk are pretty fucked up in the least and if true she is a reprehensible human. Pretty amateur trolling if you ask me, and I’m a PRO.

But the valuable take away that beer leaguers everywhere should heed is this:  make sure the spouses/girlfriends get along. If an off ice feud escalated to this level, and ultimately destroyed a team, with top millionaire athletes then it can definitely happen to your shitbum beer league team.

Imagine if Stacy (your top scorer’s girlfriend) won’t be in the same bar as Nikki (your top defenseman’s girlfriend). You know god damn well that is just a bad night in the making. Or EVEN WORSE Stacy has beef with Amanda (your GOALIE’S girlfriend, THAT DUDE PLAYED JUNIORS WHEN HE WAS 16!)!  Then your team wouldn’t even get those free playoffs games for at least 2 years before your dumbass GM could get his head out of his ass to recruit someone other than his neighbor’s 16 year old JV starter, who’s actually not bad just can’t move laterally to save his fucking miserable life. Fuck all that, fuck it all to death.

I don’t care if you have to go to the expensive bar after games so the ladies can dance or have lame ass dinner dates to make it happen, you buck the fuck up and pay that bar tab or cook that fancy risotto.  Let’s be honest, you probably play with your team because you genuinely like the dudes you play with, I know I do (love you beauts).  As a responsible team mate you need to do what it takes to preserve that team.  Just bad form if you don’t.


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