If you know me you know I’m one of the biggest Oilers critics in the world. Sometimes I feel pretty bad for their fans but you know what, most of them still talk about Gretzky and the 80’s… I’m fairly confident they will still be reminiscing about the the 1980’s in the 2080’s. I hope I’m still around to be LOL’ing at them then.

But let’s get serious.

How are the Oilers as bad as they are? They have a bajillion #1 picks and were even gifted generational player Connor McDavid… They also have Milan Lucic signed for a number of years at 6 million buckaroos. So how are they so bad? Easy… The refs hate the Oilers.


Well let’s look at last year when Connor McDavid purposely launched himself at a lineman while playing the Blue Jackets. The linesman had to leave on a stretcher. Not a good look, Connor.

Then tonight it became clear that the Oilers vs the Officials conspiracy is heating up in the desert. It finally boiled over when Oilers D-man, obviously fed up with the officials calling games so lopsided against his team, fires a puck directly into an official’s back (after bouncing it it off the glass). Then for good measure fires another head shot at the official.


Wise up Oilers. It will be interesting to see if the relationship between the Oilers and the officials continues to deteriorate or if the Oilers win a few games and decide the officials aren’t the reason they are the worst organization in the league.