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Leave Nick Alone

Leave Nick Alone

Scoreless Shitty Skaters Blog

Scoreless Skaters Blog

Dejected Goalies Blog #3

Dejected Goalies are cool. Salty Dejected Goalies are the best!

Duffs Famous Wings AKA Ranch Haters

Duffs Wings Buffalo

The Dejected Goalie Blog #2

More Dejected Goalies!!!

Those Bruins fans chirps that just didn’t age well.

Dumb Bruins Fans Saying Dumb Things

The Dejected Goalie Blog

Who else loves seeing dejected goalies?

What If This Was Really His Last Name?

What If This Was Really His Last Name?


Is the offside review the stupidest thing in all of sports? Yeah probably!

Beer League Saves You Need To Share With Goalies You Know Immediately

Send these to a goalie you know IMMEDIATELY

The most amazing Game of Thrones thing you’ll ever see

Game of Thrones - Incredible

The Greatest Beer League Save In History

We are trying to find the greatest beer league save EVER. Here is our first contestant.

Gear Review – Pacific Rink Ultimate Hockey Bag

The Dangle Diva reviews a real beaut of a bag.

You’re Not a “Defensemen,” You’re Just a Terrible Skater

You're Not a "Defensemen," You're Just a Terrible Skater

I just did the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

W-T-F? Why did I do this?

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: Lip Sweaters

Legit ... These are Biebs' favorite jerseys. He loved them so much he allegedly stole one.

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: Puck Tales

Women in Beer League

Some rules for keeping it cool around the fairer sex.

Live from the Crease

Stop the "ass-hatery"

Hey Goalie, Go F@$# yourself!

Goalies WTF? Here's your chance to help

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: Brown Trout

Are you down with the brown?

Throw this beer leaguer in jail

Lock him up and throw away the key.

Throwback Classic Draft Tournament Giveaway

Going to the Throwback Classic in Anaheim? Win big with Beer League Talk

BREAKING NEWS – United States Park Police to Conduct Internal Investigation on “alleged” Hockey Hate

BREAKING NEWS - United States Park Police to Conduct Internal Investigation on Hockey Hate

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: Gucci Ghosts

You might be fresh but you'll never be Gucci Ghost fresh

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Eventually we all move on. Even from hockey gear.

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: The San Jose Sharts

Yeah you read it right... Sharts

The REAL story on the Chicken Nugget recall

The REAL story on the Chicken Nugget recall

Keeping Up With Los Machetes: Week One

A game in the life of a weirdo goalie

Canadians Play Hockey EVERYWHERE….. Literally

Canadians being Canadian

C League Sites: Coffee with Coffey

A trip down memory lane

The Chirp Corner – In Defense of Wearing a Massive Half-Shield

Step up to the plate internet haters. I'm brushing you back.

The Chirp Corner – Is This the World’s Greatest Beer League Chirp?

Someone call 9-1-1, cause I murdered this bender.

Goalies – Have No Fear Your Hero Is Here

Your hero has arrived - EMBRACE ME!

The Chirp Corner – Goalies: ENOUGH.

Time to put an end to the goalies "being weird" phenomenon.

The Chirp Corner – Why Did I Not Go Backhand 5-Hole?


The Chirp Corner – What Is Acceptable Pre-Game Music?

When in charge of the music - what are the do's and don't's of being the DJ?

The Chirp Corner – It’s Time To End Dangle Shaming

Why is dangle shaming acceptable? A rebuttal to Nick's shameful "Greasy Goals" blog.

The Chirp Corner – I Fear I Have a Problem

I have an addiction, and Sideline Swap is the drug.

The Chirp Corner

Chirp Corner

Introducing Myself: The World’s Okayest Goalie

New Blogger Alert: The Worlds Okayest Goalie

‘Twas the hour before beer league

Happy Holidays Beer Leaguers

Beer League Review: The Hockey Arsenal Covet Stick

Arsenal Covet Hockey Stick Review

These World Junior Goalie Setups Are FIRE!!!

These World Junior Goalie Setups Are FIRE!!!

Bad Ass Beer League Jersey Of The Week – The Money Shots

New goalie equipment rules creating a goalie shortage

The new rules are resulting in more injuries leading to players abandoning the position.

The Worst Call In The History Of Hockey

The worst call in the history of hockey

The 10 Commandments of Beer League Hockey

The Beer League Commandments are sacred. Learn them, follow them, use them.

A Beer League Christmas Wishlist

Every Beer Leaguer's Christmas Wants.

The Most Awesome Non-Hockey Hockey Jerseys You’ll Ever See

The best GD jerseys in the Worl.... we mean GALAXY

Outdoor Classic

Come have the ultimate Canadian hockey experience with the greatest hockey show in the world!

Bad Ass Beer League Jersey Of The Week – The Jersey Squids

A Bad Ass Jersey From Bad Ass Jersey. The squids present this beauty to the beer league world

Team Stick Giveaway

Win Free Sticks For Your Team

By The Numbers – What Does A Hockey Jersey Number Say?

Uniform # history and more things you didn't know about jersey #'s in hockey.

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: Double Dion

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys - What's better than Dion? Double Dion! Check out this jersey that immortalizes a Canadian hockey legend.

Beer League By The Numbers – How to deal with short & long benches

Beer League Beginners

The unwritten rules whether you're a beginner or a vet

Beer League Hockey Jersey Of The Week – Happy Hookers

How a 10 year old kid searching for boobs on TV came up with our Beer League Talk Jersey of The Week.

Incredible Beer League Shootout Goal

It takes some stones to try this move much less actually pull it off. What's your go to move?

Can We Pay Your League Fees?

Can We Pay Your Fees PLEASE?

Geezers in Breezers – Meet Michael From Everett

Geezers in Breezers - A Beer League Talk blog featuring adult players that play hockey because they love the game.

Beer League Talk Beer League Hockey Jersey Of The Week: Trash Pandas

Check out this beauty from the Trash Pandas out of the True North Hockey League.

Beer League Talk Jersey Of The Week: MYSTERY TEAM!


Happy ‘Murica Day from BLT

Happy 4th Beer Leaguers

Beer League Season Awards

Never Lose a Beer League Game Again

Never Lose A Beer League Game Again!

Beer League Talk Beer League Hockey Jersey of The Week: 6/4/18

This week, we have U-S-Eh. Sent in by Joshua Hepburn of San Jose, California. “The idea for the team name came from half the guys on the team being Canadian and the other half being Americans.

Geezers in Breezers – Jeff From Chicago

Best New Summer Hockey Kicks


Beer Leaguer’s Guide to The Cup Final

Geezers in Breezers – Hector from Omaha

Most Common Beer League Hockey player Excuses

Finally a ref that knows what “goalie interference” is.

Geezers in Breezers – This Week Features Mike From Everett Washington

Meet Team BLT for the Walleye Chop

Beer League Talk Jersey Challenge Results Judge #4 Deb Bellows – GM of the Inaugural Westy Champion TomCats

Beer League Talk Jersey Challenge Results Judge #2 Westy Winners Dirty Mike and The Boys

Beer League Talk Jersey Challenge Results Judge #1 Nick From Beer League Talk

Pro Level Beer League Advice

Geezers In Breezers – A New Beer League Talk Column By OldManDan

Panik! In The Jailhouse

Scott Foster: Beer League Legend

Beer League Talk Outdoor Classic Highlights

Are the New York Islanders The Most Beer League Team In The NHL?

Troy Brouwer Answers Twitter Troll

10 Surefire Ways to Piss Off Your Team Manager

Do you even celly bro?

Goals Beer Leaguers Think They Can Score But Can’t – 4 – Olympic Edition

Womens Hockey is SOFT?

The Joy (and Pain) of Pond Hockey

Outdoor Classic

Westy Boosts

Flames Development Camp 2017

Top 10 Beer League Jerseys v2.0

The 10 Commandments of Beer League Hockey

Beer League Hockey Traditions Will Be Here to Stay for Years

The ABC’s of Beginner Adult Hockey

What jersey would you want from the Beer League Talk sponsored Calgary Draft Tournament?

Top 10 Reasons We’re Excited for Canmore Draft 2016

The 3 players that ruin Beer League Playoffs for everyone

Top 10 Beer League Hockey Jerseys

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Adult Beer League Hockey Tournaments

25 Things You Should Know About Dating a Hockey Chick

What your beer league hockey game arrival time says about you

Building the Greatest Beer League Team of All Time: Players you need on your team

Top 10 Goalie Excuses in Beer League Hockey