February 8-10, 2019

FTD? Yeah, fuck the D… Who plays defence in beer league? No one, so we decided to host a 3-on-3 tournament where you don’t need any D. Come experience all the insaneness of a Beer League Talk tourney but on smaller ice!

Less ice means more drinks. Come drink all the beer with our world-renowned all-you-can-eat/drink hockey tournament setup. Yeah, you heard us — FREE kegger and food all afternoon and evening on Saturday. Because we are awesome we are also going to let you design a brand new kick ass jersey for your team to wear at the tourney! You’re welcome.

There are only 18 total team spots available, and 8 teams have already signed up! Teams consist of 6 skaters and a goalie. All teams get minimum of 5 games, up to 7 if you’re less shitty than the other teams. All games are played at Hockey Development Centre in Calgary on February 8th-10th, 2019.



Register on Breakoutplay.com Team can make 3 monthly payments. Dec, Jan 1, Feb 1
$1400 – Only $200 per player at 7 Players (6 skaters & Goalie)
How to Register:
Sign up on breakoutplay.com
Select Create Team
Enter Team Name
Type in the Search:  “Beer League Talk”
Select Beer League Talk FTD 3-on-3
Select FTD 3 on 3
Choose Division of your choice
Benders: Beginners
Beer League: Lower Intermediate
Heroes: Intermediate/Advanced



Due to the production process for the custom jerseys, we need to receive your design by Jan 3rd. Don’t worry, the design process doesn’t cost extra and the jersey company will help bring your vision to reality. We have to receive a non-refundable $500 deposit on the tourney to hold your place and to let you start the jersey design process. Once we confirm your deposit, we’ll contact you to start the design. Yes, you can pay extra per jersey if you want to roster more than 6 skaters and a goalie. Jerseys are $77 if you need to add any.