Episode 166: Who Wants To Get Hazed?

December 12, 2018

Episode 166 covers the crew’s hazing stories, their memories of their days in AOL chat rooms, and the pondering of if their clap-bombs could disable active shooters.


Episode 165: We Pay Good Money for THIS?

November 28, 2018

Episode 165: We Pay Good Money for THIS? It's nearly December so we're talking hockey Christmas. We answer some listener questions & Nick gives out free unsolicited advice for dealing with leagues


Episode 164 – Odd Man Rush

November 20, 2018

In Episode 164 this show gets professional... like real professional. Nick chats with former pro Bill Keenan about his book, Odd Man Rush.


Episode 163 – I Remember My First Time…

November 14, 2018

Episode 163 - I Remember My First Time... Sorry fans, it's not what you think. But you'll be thoroughly disgusted none the less as Nick, April and Dani regale you with the stories of the first time.


Episode 162 – Too Drunk For Hockey

November 6, 2018

What is too drunk to play hockey? We find out from people that got too drunk to play games in our Phoenix Draft Tourney!



Bad Ass Beer League Jersey Of The Week – The Money Shots

December 17, 2018
by Nick

Hockey Holiday Hate Crime

December 17, 2018
by Nick

What is this world coming to? Let the kids play!

New goalie equipment rules creating a goalie shortage

December 16, 2018
by Nick Martinez

The new rules are resulting in more injuries leading to players abandoning the position.

The Worst Call In The History Of Hockey

December 14, 2018
by Rob

The worst call in the history of hockey

The 10 Commandments of Beer League Hockey

December 12, 2018
by Nick

The Beer League Commandments are sacred. Learn them, follow them, use them.