Episode 10 – Hot and Cold Starts

October 17, 2018

Jay and Nick discuss the best teams in the NHL, who is going to be taking the Western Conference Regular Season Championship this year.


Episode 9 – New Season Thoughts

October 10, 2018

In Episode 9 of Post and Out Nick & Jay give their thoughts on the young season. Nick -“stradamus” has spoken, as another one of Nick’s predictions has come true.


Episode 8 – Every Hockey Question Answered

September 25, 2018

How many points will McDavid get? How will the Knights do this season? Who will be the bottom 3 teams in the NHL? Hear Nick and Jay answer all these and more in this week eppy of Post and Out


Episode 7 – Karlsson, Seguin, and quitting in the middle of a game

September 18, 2018

Erik Karlsson heads out west to San Jose... Did the Sens get enough? Obviously not. Is Ottawa the biggest tire fire of our generation? Nick thinks not. Pacioretty heading to the Vegas Knights, and Seg


Episode 6 – The RFA Episode

August 9, 2018

Jay and Nick sit down and discuss some big signings in the past week. Did Mark Stone get overpaid? Did William Karlsson not get enough? What about un-signed RFAs. Come join us and give your thoughts


Episode 5 – The All Iggy Eppy

August 1, 2018

The legend Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla has left the NHL but the mark he made on the players, the fans, and the game will live forever.


Post and Out Episode 4: What the Goalie?

July 24, 2018

In memory of Ray Emery the boy chat about their favorite goalies which also leads to goalie contracts. Is it worth it to pay goalies huge money? We also touch on Kucherov's contract and more!


Post and Out Episode 3 – NHL Super Teams

July 5, 2018

This week Jay and Nick delve into the winners and losers of Free Agency, discuss trades, Toronto Maple Leaf fans and much more. Question of the week: Are NHL super teams going to become the norm like


Post and Out Episode 2: Inside Info On John Tavares

June 25, 2018

We get some inside info from an ex-teammate of John Tavares of where Tavares will sign. We also discuss Rasmus Dahlin, possible draft trades, and Barry Trotz leaving.



Two Pump Chump Season Preview

October 3, 2018
by BLTJay

A full preview of the 2018-19 NHL regular season

Ryan Kesler is a Shit Bag BUT…

August 6, 2018
by Nick

Ryan Kesler is a Shit Bag BUT........

Get Your Shit Together Senators

July 20, 2018
by Nick

Get your shit together Senators

Hockey Players Fighting Vs Football Players Fighting

July 12, 2018
by Nick

Every one loves a good ole donnybrook... or do they?

Top 5 Worst NHL Jerseys of All-Time

July 11, 2018
by Nick

These jerseys are so bad most beer league teams woudn't wear them. Well.... if they were paying us millions I'd wear them. Here are the Top 5 Worst NHL Jerseys of All Time.

All-American NHL Team

July 4, 2018
by BLTJay

What 88 Million Will Get You

July 3, 2018
by Nick

What can 88 million dollars get you? Well lots of things really but only a few of them are worth it.