This is going to be subjective of course because a Bruins fan isn’t going to hate a Bruins player and a Duck fan isn’t going to hate a Duck (well maybe they will when they see #5). There are a number of players I “hate” for ridiculous reasons like they are way better at hockey or they’re way more handsome than me, but there are also players I’m pretty sure I’d hate even they were on my team.  I’m curious who your top 5 most hated players are. Here’s mine:

Brad Marchand

I’m not alone here. I know because I asked on Twitter who the Top 5 most hated teams were and got a lot of responses that looked like this:

We are pretty sure people hate the Bruins because of Marchand. I mean who outside of the Bruins faithful actually like this guy? Even Bruin fans were fed up of his ridiculous licking this playoffs. I hope he doesn’t go off on our looks on twitter like he did that one dude who quipped about his cheap-shotting antics online. Seriously he did that.. read about it here. Personally we don’t give a fuck about what you look like Brad, we just want you to stop being a dink on the ice.

Also just out of curiosity … Has Marchand ever asked a player to “lick them where they fart”?

Corey Perry

  • This guy… THIS F-U-C-K-I-N GUY. Such a punk. One time when I was playing a beer league tourney in Phoenix, I was sitting in a bar/restaurant while the Coyotes were having breakfast. A clip of another “Corey Perry Does Something Stupid” comes on. I leaned over and asked, do NHL’ers think this guys is as “big a tool as fans outside of Anaheim do?” The player smirked and said “He’s a clown”. That says it all. The Ducks also employ honourable mention shit heads Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kessler. I can’t tell you how awesome it was seeing them get decimated by the Golden Knights this year. Here’s Corey Perry being a shit head.

Tom Wilson

Want to hear something surprising? Tom Wilson has been in the league for like 6 years. Which is surprising because no one knew who he was until this season. And to have everyone hate you in that short amount of time is almost impressive. You know who doesn’t hate Tom Wilson? Oklahoman hockey fans who only went to watch the AHL OKC Barons because they expected it to be like the movie “Slapshot”. Then when they didn’t see Ogie Ogilthorpe pissing himself or the Hanson brothers “listening to the god damn song” they stopped buying tickets to the games. Guess what…. Now there’s no pro hockey team in Oklahoma.. ASSSSHOOOLLLLES! That’s what Tom Wilson is: a throwback to the old school players that spent more time in the sin bin than they did on their own bench. He should learn how to put the puck in the net rather than his ass in the penalty box. 58 majors since 2013 pretty much equals Tom’s Hockey IQ? C’mon, smarten up Tommy boy. For all you fans out there… Don’t be an Oklahoman hockey fan… let the hate flow through you.

(Also before all the hate mail and tweefs – that’s short for Twitter beefs – start rolling in from the 10’s of Oklahoman hockey fans: I love Oklahoma. I love that there used to be hockey there. I wish you supported hockey the way you support the dumb NBA or the incredible University of Oklahoma football team #BOOMER)

Nazem Kadri

  • First off he’s fucking Maple Leaf so fuck him. Ok really I don’t even dislike the Maple Leafs per se (I don’t respect them) I just hate how much hype they get every fucking year. Anyways, Nazem Kadri is like the that little gnat that is just always there annoying the shit out of you. He is the most mouthy piece of shit that can’t back it up in the league. He is out there just looking to hurt someone.



Nazem is always pulling bush league shit like this. I bet he’s the type of guy that if he ever came through the middle of the ice with the puck, his head down, and he got his head knocked off on a clean play he’d be pissed. He’d probably even threaten to kill them… oh wait.

Nazem… eventually your day will come just like it did for Pippa the alligator annoying puppy

Milan Lucic

  • This one is almost too easy. Actually I feel kind of bad for hating him. His hockey skills have diminished to the point that the local Edmonton beer league team won’t take him, he looks like a tugboat while skating on the ice, and he was signed in Edmonton with the promise to play on McJesus’ line, and got stuck with with the Nuge. Yeah I bet it sucks having every opposing teams fans hate you, but how much would it suck when even your own fans despise you.
  • Milan Lucic I hate you moment:
  1. He tried to fight some scrub outside a Vancouver night club. I think the scrub would have dummied him. Also yes… the grunting and caveman sounds are Lucic trying to use his brain to make his mouth form words.

This pretty much sums it up:

Like I said, this is subjective. I don’t give a F if you don’t agree with me. Don’t @ me unless you’re coming to tell me your 5 most hated players or how handsome you think I am.