This is a blog about the All-Star jerseys but before we get there let’s talk about hockey fans.  There are 5 types of fans in my opinion. None of them are better or worse than the others. These are just fan categories.

  1. The  starter pack – These fans don’t care about hockey per se. They got free tickets and got to check out the game. They think the coolest part of hockey is the fights. They usually don’t know what icing or offside is and they don’t spend much money on the sport. This isn’t a knock on fans getting into the game, it’s an observation. With any luck on the NHL’s part they will move into the next category of fan.

2. The Casual fan- These are the fans who love the excitement of the sport. It’s fast, there is lots of body contact, and they can drink beer while being a part of a loud energetic crowd a few games a year. They usually buy a team t-shirt to show everyone they are cool because they are a hockey fan. Sometimes they even buy jerseys… And put their own last name on them or maybe some other phrase they think is witty. Again… not dissing the casual fan, just observations.



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Oiler Fans 69…. Isn’t that how many #1 overall picks they have? #hockey #oilers #calgaryflames #nhl #hockeyguy

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3. The Homer – These are the fans who only root for their home team. They like the sport of hockey but don’t really care what else goes on in the NHL. 90% of Leafs fans are in this category. I’d say the same for Oiler fans but Oiler fans are actually now doing the opposite. They are actively searching for a team to root for that is not the Oilers.

4 . The Every Day Hockey Fan – These are the NHL’s bread and butter in my opinion, and the category that a majority of the hockey fans fall into. These fans have their teams. They go to their team’s games, buy their gear, and buy $10 beers at games without bitching too much. They follow the rest of the league because they want to chirp other fans because their team is better. They love hockey and probably have NHL centre ice so they can watch games on their phones when they’re SO’s make them go shopping. They might not be able pronounce every last name and they might not know the top 25 leading scorers but they have a grasp on what is going on around the league. These are the fans that are most definitely watching NHL events like the All Star game.

5 . The Super Fan – These fans know EVERYTHING. You can ask them about a 4th line plug and this fan can tell you how many points they put up for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds back in the 70’s. These guys are rabid about hockey and eat up whatever they can. They are great fans but sometimes they remind us of Pierre Mcguire. So you might not like watching games with them. 

Why does this matter? It matters because I want to clarify what type of fan I am. I’m in the #4 group. The Hockey Fan. I love the game. I watch a lot of teams and generally think I have a good understanding of what’s going on around the league. So when I say what I’m about to say I wanted it to be known I’m not out to lunch.



How much more boring could you be? Why not just give the players black and white mesh practice jerseys? You couldn’t add a splash of colour? You know maybe the team logos are in team colours? Or maybe something to make them stand out?

I get it. These were made for a special reason. The jerseys were made from repurposed and up-cycled materials by Parley Ocean. They feature Parley Ocean Plastic, a trademarked material created from marine plastic that has been collected from the oceans and then spun into thread.

Does this give the jersey an excuse to be ugly? Maybe. I’m all for making the world a better place to lives maybe I just shut up and watch the boys play some puck but I think 
All-Star games are supposed to be banner events for the league. Something that can turn #1 fans into #2 and #3 fans. An event that lets the NHL market their league and get people excited about the sport. Is anyone excited here?

First we have star players are refusing the play and now these abominations they are calling sweaters. Forgive me if I’m going to skip watching this event. What do you think about the jerseys?