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Artemi Panarin clearly does not fear anyone. This includes Vladimir Putin. You could call this bravery, idioticy, or perhaps both. He may also end up going missing before the upcoming season. In case you missed it, Panarin went off on Putin in an interview late last week. This is strange in many ways. The main reason being that almost no one, especially a Russian, calls out Vladimir Putin. It’s obvious why no one does it. It’s Vladimir Putin. People fear him, and it’s Russia. If you talk bad about him, you go ‘missing’ shortly after. Apparently Artemi Panarin doesn’t give a shit, because this is one of many negative things he had to say about Putin.

“Putin’s time is up, he can no longer distinguish between right and wrong; I don’t like the lawlessness.”

Sheesh. Good on Panarin, who is saying what I’d imagine many Russians think but are to afraid to say. But this is crazy. It’s very rare to see anyone call out Putin, especially someone of this magnitude. NHLers in the past who have spoken about Putin have only heaped praise, with the biggest name from that supporting cast being Alex Ovechkin. Who knows, maybe even Ovi does it so he can go home to Russia and not have to worry about having to glance over his shoulder constantly. I mean, even guys playing against him in his charity games, as you can see below, fear him.

We’ll call that a ‘business decision’ from both the goalie and defenseman, and probably a smart one at that. In all seriousness, best of luck to Artemi Panarin. And a quick prayer for both him as well as any Rangers fans who were/are excited to see him play in MSG this season. I hope he is still around by then.


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