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In sports, people generally have their favorite athletes, as well as ones they hate. This often differs from person to person, but there are some that it seems almost everyone can agree on. Today’s edition of easy to hate athlete features Antonio Brown. Everyone knows Antonio Brown is one of if not the best wide receivers in the NFL. This entire last season there were rumors about rifts in the Steelers locker room. Since then, it has become clear that Antonio Brown was likely a major if not entire reason for all of this. There have been some great stories since that have come out of him that make it extremely easy to dislike this guy. Here’s a list.


1) JuJu Smith Schuster Saga:

Once the Steelers season had ended, they announced JuJu Smith-Schuster had won the teams season MVP. Any good teammate would be happy for their friend and colleague, but Antonio was quite the opposite. He ended up taking to twitter to make fun of Smith-Schuster for fumbling a season ending play for the Steelers. Smith-Schuster seemed to be off guard by this and responded saying he had nothing but respect for Brown and he was unsure why Brown was coming after him. For some really strange reason, Brown then decided to post an old Instagram dm he had from Smith-Schuster dating back to when he was a college player idolizing  him.



If anything, this just made Brown look like more of a shitty person/ teammate and backfired on whatever point he was trying to prove bigtime.


2) Hot Air Ballon:

This past off-season Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders. Since then there have been some major headline stories, including the craziest one which we’ll get into soon enough. But I could not leave the hot air balloon off the list. After claiming he didn’t have an ego while he was with the Steelers and all he ever cared about was winning, Brown arrived to the first day at training camp with his new team in a hot air balloon. Ya, that is definitely something a guy who has zero ego would do. Talk about not wanting all the attention on yourself. What a clown.



3) Helmet issue:

This is the biggest and best one of all. Seriously, when I heard this I thought there was no fucking way. Two weeks later and I am still laughing about it. Antonio Brown has worn the same style helmet ever since he entered the league. Sure, whatever, cool. The NFL decided this off season to ban said helmet due to safety precautions. Again, sure, whatever, cool. You’d think Antonio would have that seem mindset. Not even close. He is now threatening to quit and retire on his new team who he hasn’t played a single game for over this. You read that right. Threatening to retire. Over a fucking helmet. All I could think about when I read this was a hockey player like Sidney Crosby calling it quits on the Penguins because he had to change his disgusting jock. Hilarious.

At the end of the day, I really do hope he does decide to quit being a diva and come play this season. One reason being that sure, he is an extremely talented player and an exciting one to watch. But the main reason being, imagine how many more story lines will be coming out throughout the course of the season when the Raiders suck and eventually end the season 5-11. Thank you all for reading. Fuck Antonio Brown.