We’re back with another athlete that is extremely easy to hate. Up for today is Milan Lucic. I will admit that I’m an Oilers fan, which is the worst thing in the world and is probably why I will sound like a whiny bitch in this article. Before Edmonton signed Lucic, all everyone said was how they needed a player like him. A dominating power forward who could do everything from scoring, to running guys over and never afraid to drop the gloves. Then Edmonton went and signed Lucic himself. Majority of fans (myself included) were ecstatic about the deal, despite the general consensus being that the term was a few years too long. I don’t think anybody out there however, knew it was going to go so bad, so quickly. His stint in Edmonton was a complete failure. Anyway, enough of me crying. Let’s discuss why this guy was and continues to be so easy to hate.


1)  Running over Ryan Miller: As stated in a previous blog, I am a former goalie, so this could be somewhat biased. Regardless, this was a complete scumbag play. First off, there was never anything in any past games on or off ice that it appeared Miller did to irritate Lucic. It seems there was no reason whatsoever behind this. Second, Lucic is 6’3 231, and aside from maybe Ryan Reaves is known as the toughest player in the NHL. Why he felt the need to do this, you’d have to ask him. Not sure he would even be able to give you a logical explanation. Doesn’t seem like there is much going on in Lucic’s head the majority of the time.




2) Dalton Prout KO: I still remember watching this on sportscenter the night it happened years ago and not being able to wipe the grin off my face. It’s fun to see the bully get bullied, and that’s exactly what happened here. I would still love to know what Lucic was bitching to Prout about. They both dropped their gloves, and Lucic got folded like a lawn chair. I think it was just to play off to people he had an excuse for why he lost the fight, but if anything, it just made it look even worse for him. Dalton Prout certainly gained hockey fans all around the world after this one.




3) Calling out Connor?: Just a few days after Lucic was traded to the Calgary Flames, he made some comments about how he was excited to join a team with veteran, older leaders. Some took this as a shot at the Oilers youth core, but by most it was brushed off as poor wording. The so-called poor wording excuse can be thrown out now, as he doubled down on this sentiment at the Flames golf tournament yesterday, in what seems to be throwing shade at Mcdavid.


I’m sure with all the controversy this stirred up online yesterday, Lucic will come out at some point saying his words were taken out of context blah blah blah. One time sure, but this isn’t the first time since the trade that he’s alluded to having an older leadership group. Here is a thought for you Milan. You are a veteran, you have won a cup, and you were signed to an awful contract of 6 million dollars per year over a seven year term. Did you ever think maybe part of that deal was made in hopes you could become the leader in the locker room? That never struck you when you had an ‘A’ on your sweater? Mcdavid’s first response when asked about the Neal trade was that it was tough to see a good player and friend in Lucic go. Of course, Connor would never give the truth on this. The fact is that he probably couldn’t believe Ken Holland was able to trade this deadweight for anything, let alone a player who has the potential to bounce back for a 20+ goal season this year.

Yes Milan, Connor McDavid is the reason you handle the puck like a division 8 beer leaguer and skate like your trapped in quicksand. Giordano will definitely turn you back to your old self. After all, it was Connor’s fault for your play falling off a cliff, not the fact that the league has changed and you are no longer anywhere near good enough to play in it. And again, I’m aware I sound like a whiny bitch. That’s because I am. You try cheering for a team that is out of playoff contention by December every single year.