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You show me a beer league and I’ll show you bunch of teams with sexual innuendo team names. This week’s bad ass jerseys come from a bunch of ladies that are all for the Money Shots! No literally, they call themselves the Money Shots and even have silly nicknames to let you know that you know that the naming of their team was no joke.


The Money Shots are a co-ed team playing in the San Jose 4B league. They also have two teams that go to the pond hockey tourney every year in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The Money Shots play hard and party hard… emphasis on “hard”. When they aren’t on the ice they most definitely drinking and forcing other people to drink. If you happen to be playing in Eagle River this year be warned, they carry around jugs of their homemade concoction of milk, pineapple juice and coconut rum, a drink aptly named after their team. If they see you, odds are their money shots will end up on your face.


Long story short, If your team looks like trash it most likely plays like trash. Getting new jerseys = getting league trophies. You know what to do right? Ask us to sponsor your jerseys. Because if we sponsor them and you win, it makes us winners too. We love winning, don’t you?

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