Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say Pierre McGuire? Let me guess? The weird guy that talks between the benches? Or how about the analyst that has a crush on Sidney Crosby? Well whatever came to mind just know that Pierre is a Canadian hockey icon. So much of an icon that one beer league team playing out of the True North Hockey League in Toronto decided to immortalize Ol’ Pierre by naming themselves, “Double Dion”

“The name just came up as we were spitballing ideas (White Russians, District 5, etc). Some one suggested Double Dions along with the idea for the shoulder patches and it just took off from there. It’s a pretty fun and iconic sounds byte for Canadian Hockey” – J.J. from the Double Dion

For those that don’t know what Double Dion means let me take you on a trip down memory lane. In the 2005 World Juniors, when Dion Phaneuf was still thought to be able to turn both ways, Pierre was enamored with his style of play. Big, fast (sorta), hits everything that moves Canadian D-man… what’s not to love right? During a game with Russia, Dion’s reckless style of play led him to careening into two Russian players resulting in Canada turning the puck back up the ice en route to scoring. Pierre McGuire giddily exclaimed DOUBLE DION – more than once. Thus… this unforgettable sound byte was born


*PS. How about that line: Phaneuf up to Crosby, Perry gets the rebound, and passes over to Patrice Bergeron. DISGUSTING.*

We are so glad Pierre had a man crush on Dion because it evolved into these beauties.


Those shoulders are amazing!

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