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Ya know, I grew up playing baseball. I’m full time hockey now but I still love America’s national pastime. Usually when I bring up baseball around my Canadian hockey friends they always give me the same ol’ line. It usually revolves around “baseball isn’t a sport”. It’s then followed by telling me something about how “you don’t have to be an athlete to play” or “how can it be a sport if old fat guys can be pros at it.”

It’s quite surprising because 1. Canadians are supposed to be uber polite and this isn’t polite. And 2. I know for a fucking fact most of these asshole Canadian friends of mine think curling is a sport and look at this gold medal- winning curling athlete.



Now look at these professional baseball player. Puig’s  pythons at the very least, belong in the WWF.


So tell me again how baseball isn’t a sport for athletes ( please don’t send Bartolo Colon references)