There have been some great hockey themed costumes this year already (and we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet), but this one takes the cake.

Luke Fanella from Naperville, Illinois is going as the Chicago Blackhawk’s bench. Complete with Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, full boards and glass

Luke suffers from a muscular disorder and needs a wheel chair and or scooter to get around. Each year his family helps to build him an awesome hockey themed costume that fits around his chair or scooter. Last year he went as a Zamboni, and actually got to ride on the Chicago Blackhawks’ one at United Center!

Luke also has an inspirational message for other kids that face similar challenges: “Fulfill your dreams, try your best, try your hardest. If any kids try to bring you down, just don’t listen to them. Live your life to the fullest, and don’t let your disability bring you down. When I’m out there trick-or-treating, I just forget about my disability in general and just act like a regular kid, like I’m just a regular kid out there for candy.”

What a beauty!