[ss_social_share networks=”facebook;twitter;googleplus” align=”left” shape=”rectangle” size=”large” labels=”label” spacing=”1″ hide_on_mobile=”0″ total=”1″ all_networks=”1″]Let me start off by saying I’m a total jersey nerd. I have to believe that one of the big reasons I got into hockey as a little two year old lad was the awesome, bright, crazy unis of the 1990’s. That love has followed me into adulthood, and I have built up a mighty fine collection of some beautiful jerseys over the years (and some pretty ugly ones too).

One of my biggest gripes with the current state of the game today is how many teams have absolutely shocking uniform designs and decisions. I would assume these franchises are paying for top-quality business consultation and design people, yet we continue to see insane decisions like the Flames and Capitals just made recently when Adidas took over, to ditch the beautiful retro looks they had, and go with plain, pipe-y, pyjama-looking trash, while 99.9% our jaws dropped at how such a decision could be made. Thankfully they made it kind of right this summer by adding them back as third jerseys. But why wait? Is there some ugly jersey conspiracy that we’re all totally oblivious to?

But alas, we don’t have any say in which jerseys our teams will don. That won’t stop us from dreaming! So I decided to do a series on the best jerseys that each franchise has worn. You may agree with some, you may think I’m crazy. Either way, let me know by tweeting me at @BLTJay!

Last week I did the New Jersey Devils, so moving on, today is the New York Islanders!

Current Road Jersey (2010 – Present)

Maybe the best dynasty in NHL history – the Islanders of the early 80’s – also had some pretty fantastic uniforms winning those four straight Stanley Cups.

The Isles brought back the look in 2010 much to the pleasure of fans around the league, after some extremely questionable decisions in the 90’s and 2000’s.

It’s hard to believe the Gorton Fisherman is a real thing. I probably don’t hate it as much as most, there is something funny and 90’s about it, and I would buy/wear one for the shock value. But from a strictly design purpose, dear god… Especially to scrap the great clean look they had had for over 20 years.

Then someone woke the fuck up in 2008 and realized they should go back to the vintage look, bringing the home version back, and brightening up the blue a bit. My only gripe is that it’s built off the original 1972 look that features the white cuffs which are a meh from me.

Therefore I end up with the snazzy white POPPIN’ and tight-fitted current road uniforms. The blue is better than the 1970/80’s look, and as always, the tight fit of the current uniforms is always better than the old-school jerseys.

I will leave you with some other WTF Islanders jersey decisions, including one made just this week regarding their third jerseys for the 2018-19 season.

So what do you think? Do you like one of the looks I dissed? Maybe you prefer the 70-80’s look? Maybe you’re a psychopath and love the Fisherman jerseys? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me at @BLTJay!


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