The NHL 19 Beta has been AWESOME!  It looks like the game is taking the next step. Sure there are still some things EA needs to work on but we can’t wait for release weekend and our 48 hour NHL 19 Live Stream to benefit Skate for the 22.

Here are the most LOL moments we’ve seen for the NHL 19 Beta so far



Nothing feels better than scoring a goal except…. scoring after robbing a dude that absolutely reefed you a few seconds ago.

The Good Goal No Goal 

How? Why? WTF? NHL 19 has been made so realistic that the refs have just a little clue in virtual hockey as they do IRL.


Goalie No Big Deal Goal

Goalies are special people and this is a special goal. The goalie that let this one is is obviously a different kind of special.


Sure Seems like goalies are getting the benefit of the doubt in NHL 19

Great… another version of goalie interference but this time it’s the goalie doing the interfering … and it works out.

What an absolute shit tier call.

“DEADLY” Body Checks

Hitting in this game needs to be nerfed a bit. Even though nerfing is the right thing to do we will miss being able to kill people.



I have a fever and the only cure is more…… TROMBONE! This celly is awesome even if every one and their dog is using it. Also this guy’s skating ability ain’t too shabby either!


So many more clips we could post but these are our favorite ones. Do you have any hilarious clips? We can’t wait for NHL 19’s full release. Are you stoked? If you use Twitch please check us out.
We are streaming 48 hours of NHL 19 on release weekend and calling it CHEL-A-THON 2018. We are doing it to raise funds and awareness for Skate For the 22. This organization is using hockey to raise awareness for the prevention of suicide in military vets. 22 vets a day take their own lives. Help them use hockey to make the world better.
We are really close to meeting our goal of $1000 and it’s only been a week! Find out more info and donate here.