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Bidet Review #1: Great First Impression, Horrible Operation

During this trip to the Rugby World Cup, I feel compelled, as an owner/operator of a Toto C200 bidet, to review the various bidets I come across in our travels. These bidet reviews are in no way a reflection of the whole of the hotel or other business, in which I may use a bidet, but is a review of the isolated experience of said bidet.

With that caveat out of the way, the first review is at our room at JAL’s Official hotel for Narita airport, Hotel Nikko Narita. The bidet gets high initial marks for a dedicated hot water line, as opposed to a cold water only bidet or one that uses a small water tank to heat water off the cold line, and very intuitive controls. Immediately I knew what settings to use, and that I wasn’t going to be surprised by a stream of super cold water against my brown eye. The only downsides were no tempersture control for fine-tuning, and no air dryer present, as you would find on higher end bidets. The latter, a minor inconvenience, as even with a dryer, one would still wipe dry the splash zone.


Upon sitting down, a pressure sensor triggered which released some water into the the bowl. This “pre-cleanse” is a good feature that purges cold water from the hot line and lets the operator know the bidet is ready for use.

After doing by business and flushing the solid waste away, I was looking forward to what had seemed like was going to be a solid 8-9/10 bidet, until I had to use the bidet as a bidet. The spray comes out in a way too wide spray, with a small area of maximum pressure, similar to holding your thumb over a garden hose, but only like half-way. The cone of the spray led to a wide area, far beyond Butt Canyon that got wet. Compounding the wide spray was that the spray automatically oscillated with all the precision of a used car lot’s wacky waving inflatable tube guy, making it impossible to keep the spray on a trouble spot.

Conclusion: An easy to understand bidet with all the essential features, let down by a very poor stream mechanics.
3 out of 10



EDIT: Here is a link to the bidet on Rakuten, the ¥55,600 ($514) INAX CW-U111R https://item.rakuten.co.jp/etile/cw-u111r-ne-bw1/