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Here is the previous review, which I will mention, a lot.

Three days into Japan, and everything has been amazing. The food, the people, the infrastructure, the parks, the temples, the art; all have been an amazing sight for a dorky Midwestern American, who has never been to the Eastern Hemisphere. The one thing I thought I wasn’t going to be disappointed in, is the bidet situation.

I may have done this to myself, (humblebrag) buying a Toto Washlet C200, and expecting the Land of the Rising Sun and Clean Anus to have bidets that are better, or at minimum, as good as, what I have at home. After staying local to Narita Airport to start my trip, I am now in Minato City. Second hotel, second Inax bidet, second Inax bidet, second disappointment in bidets.

This bidet, at the Tokyo Prince Hotel, in the shadow of the Tokyo Tower, is the Inax CW-U120R (¥68,563 or $636 USD, according to https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/home-de…/cw-u120r-ne.html ) vs the CW-U111R from the previous review. The only difference I noticed is a heated seat and a slightly more round design on the CW-U120R.


The experience, much like the Inax CW-U111R before, had an easy to interpret user interface, but with the added feature of a seat warmer, and, sadly, left my bidet experience rather lacking.

A bidet spray needs focus and predictability. Although less chaotic than the previously reviewed CW-U111R, this Inax CW-U120R has all the features of shopping cart with a wobbly wheel. You can sort of get the direction you want, but you have to shift your weight, and sometimes just give up, lift, and reset position to get where you want to go, whether that’s the soup aisle, or a jet blast cleaned butthole.

Conclusion: One for one can be an outlier, two for two is cause for concern. A slightly less random and slightly more focused spray, combined with a seat warmer add a point to the dismal score of its Inax stablemate.

4 out of 10