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So far in Japan, bidet wise, I have encountered one brand more than any, Inax. It is easy to see why there are so many Inax bidets; though lacking in a quality spray, they are very easy to understand, even for a big dumb gaijin like myself, and they are robust. There is a feeling of substance to the controls and seat, and the mountings feel secure, especially important when tilting side to side to get adequate lateral bidet sweep. You do not see advertisements for Inax bidets though, which makes me think they are more of an institutional or contractor bidet supplier. What you do see advertised, is the Toto Washlet, which is part of the reason I was so happy to see the Toto label when I opened the bathroom door to our hotel room.



Unlike the previously reviewed toilet and bidets, this reviewed Toto TCF570 does not have visible supply side plumbing, as the toilet tank and associated plumbing is behind a panel. There is a handle to turn to flush the toilet (shown in photos). A turn to the right yields a small flush, while a turn to the left yields a proper log-jam clearing rush of water. The TCF570 does have two supply lines coming from the wall, confirming it as a tank-less bidet, with a dedicated hot water line. Controls are a little different than the Inax bidets, but easy to understand. The biggest difference bwing that the Inax has a spray strength knob and separate buttons for a “shower” (ass) and “bidet” (front) mode. The Toto has a single spray button, no spray strength control, but has a knob to adjust angle from full ball tickle to top o’ the ass crack. The lack of a spray strength control had me worried, but it ended up as only a small issue.



Upon sitting down, the bidet ran water into the toilet bowl to clear cold water from the bidet spray line. Business was performed, a courtesy flush was had, and I activated the bidet… Or tried to activate the bidet. I was a bit confused when nothing happened. I then noticed the bidet angle spray was at the 12 O’clock position. This is a dead zone between front and rear sprays. Upon putting the knob to about 9 O’clock the spray was positioned right at the brown eye. I evem turned the knob a bit between 7 and 10 O’clock and the spray oscillated to sweep up and down, doing an excellent job of flash flooding Stink Canyon. The spray was warm, and the strength sufficient, if not maybe a little too powerful. I could have used 10% less force, but it wasn’t troublesome. As opposed to the Inax, which had sprays like putting your thumb over a garden hose, the Toto was like a wide open hose with high water pressure, a thick, but concentrated stream of anus cleaning, tough to power through any mud butt issue, but not hard enough to leave skin irritated. This is the bidet stream the Inax wishes it had, and truly cements Toto, in my opinion, the King of Bidets.

Conclusion: The Toto TCF570 is a great bidet. Easy to use controls, solid construction, and a warm stream gets the job done with minimal mess. Stream strength and temperature controls would make this a better bidet, as would a hot air dryer, but overall it’s a solid 8 out of 10.

The Toto TCF570 can be found here for ¥54,600 ($508 USD) https://item.rakuten.co.jp/clover96…/toto20180208-2-q-rsnw1/