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This is a quick review of a public bidet. When you have to let loose a snake of dubious origin, you have to make due with what’s available. Convienently, the public bidet, outside of Nagoya Castle, was the most high tech bidet on this trip. Being a public bidet, this thing was sturdy. Each button press on the fancy, wall-mounted control panel, had a tactile click. There was white noise-like music playing to help mask the sounds of you and others grunting, pissing, and plopping away. Finally, the stream was better than the two previously encountered hotel room Inax unit. The stresm was not as powerful and concentrated as the Toto Washlet from earlier. The uncomfortable misting effect, coning out from the main stream, knock this interesting, clean, and advanced bidet down to a 7 of 10, but still the best Inax bidet I have used.