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Out of my five previous bidet reviews, two have been highly rated Toto models, and three have been INAX, with two low rated and one above average bidet. With the two really good Toto bidets, and my personal experience with a Toto Washlet C200 at home, I was pleasantly surprised that the 230 year old traditional Japanese ryokan had Western style toilets fitted with a Toto Bidet, the Washlet TCF2020. The two previous Toto bidets reviewed were the very similar TCF530 & TCF570. Upon first glance, the TCF2020 has similar controls to the TCF530, having no angle adjustment like the TCF570, but did have a stream strength adjustment. That adjustment had to be reviewed by feel, because unlike every other bidet reviewed so far, there was no English labels alongside the Japanese. Translations made through Google Lens and through Bing Translate did not help, and instead made me quite concerned. Google did correctly translate “Ass” for the ass cleaning button label, but Bing horrifying showed a button for “Cut” / “De-fruit”, and less terrifying, a “Luck” indicator, though no specification if this bidet was to bring good luck or bad luck. Upon operation, it clearly was the latter. I didn’t even bother to try to translate the hidden menu of options accessible via a little flap at the rear of the controls. None of the other bidets had this flap, at least not easily accessible, which makes me wonder if the TCF2020 was more of a home bidet, not intended for commercial use. It does appear to have a heated seat (the “Cut” / “De-fruit” button), but there is no precise angle control, a feature that should be mandatory.



This bidet was first on my trip that was a single line, tanked bidet. That is, there is only a cold water line with a small tank in the bulky rear of the toilet seat to warm/store water, as such, this bidet did not purge the water lines upon sitting down. Sadly, the spray was shockingly bad for a Toto, far more like the INAX cloud of disappointment. The lowest stream strength setting was barely a trickle that didn’t come close to reaching the Brown Town city limits, while the max strength basically crop dusted half of my ass cheeks. I think I settled upon one click down from max, but still did not receive a proper, focused powerwash spray. This is completely unacceptable and shattered my perception that Toto could do no wrong when it came to spraying down the ol’ thermal exhaust port.

Although currently unavailable on Amazon Japan, similar, newer models, are in the ¥24,700 ($229), so about half the price of the previous Toto bidets. At that price, it’s still too much, as you shouldn’t settle for a second rate bidet.


Overall, this disappointing Toto rates a 4 out of 10.