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Now that I’m a goalie, I’m seeing the world in a different light. Did you know that there are other cool pieces of hockey gear outside of Eagle gloves? Crazy eh? Now that I’ve seen the light I feel it’s my duty as a #goaliebro to share with you some of the coolest goalie gear out there because let us be honest…. the coolness of the gear a goalie wears can make and/or break how well he plays in a game. That’s just science…

Without further ado let me show you some big bad rad goalie pads. Aaron Dell released his new set of San Jose Sharks Brians goalie pads. They are filthy.


Let me give you the official Goalie Nick rating of these pads.



I am a huge fan of goalie pads that have logos on them in lieu of boring design lines. I am a pretty flashy goalie and think team logos are flashy AF. So why not a 10 out of 10 rating? Because fuck the Sharks that’s why.



I like Brians. They make the best looking pads. I’m a new goalie so I can’t comment on how well they work. I go straight off looks and Brians look bad ass. I can’t afford Brians so Im gonna keep rocking my knock off pair of Bryans until I can. They might be fakes but they still look better than Warrior pads.



San Jose’s teal is part of one the best color schemes in the NHL. Black and Teal look pretty bad ass. BUT how the hell is this goalie gonna brag about the pucks he stopped if he can’t see puck marks on his white pads. Rookie move Aaron Dell. We all make mistakes.