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The name on this blog  is way harder to say than that of the pad owners from the first BBRGP blog. Just in case you’re wondering who Ferencvárosi Torna Club in the tile is, Ferencvárosi Torna Club Jégkorong Szakosztály is a Hungarian ice hockey team that currently plays in the OB I bajnokság and in the MOL Liga. European hockey teams have been wearing uniforms with crazy designs for some time. It was only a matter of time up until a the Digital print technology became mainstream enough to make crazy designs on goalie gear.

According to InGoal Magazine “We’ve since seen examples of the power of Bauer’s Digi-Print technology on NHL goaltenders like Henrik Lundqvist with his stylish New York Rangers design, Linus Ullmark’s Buffalo Sabres pads, a personalized pattern for Devan Dubnyk, retro sets for Frederik Andersen and Mike McKenna, and perhaps even more creatively and boldly on younger goalies in major junior and at the World Junior Championships, including Vancouver Canucks prospect Michael DiPietro.

Now it’s here for you and me and anyone else who wants to show off some style: Bauer True Design, a chance to create seemingly unlimited custom graphics on your pads and gloves.”

Apparently the technology has been available and growing since 2016. This is truly the innovation that us goalies want and to be honest need. Goalie pads don’t need to get any better tech wise they just need to get sexier. Digitially printed pads are that next step in extending the gap in being the sexiest position in any sport.

Our friends at Goalie Gear Nerd posted a pic showing off the resolution of a custom graphic on pads for the Ferencvárosi Torna Club. It’s so god damned beautiful. Judge for yourself.



Here is the official Goalie Nick rating of these pads.



I love Bald Eagles because I’m American AF but I don’t see any red, white, & blue to give me a liberty freedom boner so that is some negative points. But like Goalie Gear Nerd points out the resolution is incredible. I’m giving it an 8.1 because of the freedom boner thing. I would have given it a few more points had the bald eagle been carrying some dead prey in its talons.



What do I know about Bauer? My very first pro stock stick was Bauer. But that’s some player gear bullshit. I use Bauer skates as a skater and a goalie so there’s that. Bauer is pretty solid gear so it gets a solid 9 on name recognition alone.



Green is the color of money and that’s what its gonna take (and a lot of it) for you to get any of these pads. If you do you should probably get flashier than just green and white. The scheme is kind of boring. It definitely leaves me wanting more.